Barrel aged Mead - Dansk Mjød A/S

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To create this mead, they have combined the traditional brew with various spices. In addition to the color, this gives the mead a spicy, aromatic and floral aftertaste.

This mead is also stored on French oak for a minimum of 6 months.

Dansk Mjød A / S brews on the basis of an old Danish 18th century recipe.

From Nordic mythology we know that mead is a drink for gods, which was drunk on festive occasions.

Mead is a natural product that is brewed exclusively on honey. Quite a few spices are used; it gives in our opinion the best mead.

Use: Dessert wine that can be enjoyed both chilled and at room temperature.

Mead never gets too old, just gets better with time.

Precipitation may occur.

Weight: 1,8 kg

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