Dry Mead

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Like a sparkling white wine

Dry mead with 12 % alkohol

Dry mead is "the brewery nerd in Mjoedladen". The start-up for this mead was the same as for stock mead, but instead of brewing with our usual mead yeast, we used a type of yeast that is primarily associated with white wine production. This gives a more vinous mead - it reminds the taste buds of a sparkling white wine, but with an aftertaste of the sweet spring honey.

Serving suggestions:
Dry Mead is served cool and makes great for fish dishes or as a cool summer drink.

Weight: 1 kg

Den er et must på en varm sommerdag, serveret iskold og nydes med lidt fingermad til, efter eget valg. Er som en hvidvin, bare endnu bedre!

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