Klapøjster mead - Danish Mead A/S

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Klapøjster Mead

Danish Mead brews on the basis of an old Danish recipe. From Nordic mythology we know that mead is a drink for gods who were drunk on festive occasions. Mead is a natural product that is brewed exclusively on honey. Quite a few spices are used; it gives in our opinion the best mead. With inspiration from a Danish tradition, we have mixed this mead with schnapps. Klapøjster The mead is stronger than the traditional mead, but the sweetness and full character of the mead is still preserved.

Liqueur wine, suitable for e.g. cheese. Can be enjoyed both chilled and at room temperature.

Honey with added water, hops and schnapps, which increases the alcohol content to 21.8%

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