Stock Mead

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Early summer honey

Stock Mead with 11 % Alkohol


Stock mead is the backbone of Mjoedladen: All our spice mead is made on a stock basis. It is so suitable because it is made on early summer honey, which gives a mead that is in the middle of the taste spectrum. The light sweetness that tickles the tongue, combined with a vinous taste experience, is equal to lots of potential and uses - it is a fantastic flavor enhancer for desserts, light cheeses etc ..
stock Mead is also suitable for mixing with a good, dark beer.

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Den helt rigtige mjød som vores forfædre drak den, den kan varmt anbefales, prøv en fynsk hal og hal, hal et minut i syv ( 1859 Albani ) og hal lager mjød, det er guf for guderne.

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