Apple mead with sea buckthorn and walnut

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A slightly sour mango-like Danish mead for the heavy dessert e.g. chocolate mousse or as the judging panel in the competition Local food of the year 2016 recommended: as wine for the lobster soup.

Clear taste of the sour-bitter sea buckthorn berry rounded with honey and fullness from the apples, great flavor. Enjoy cooled about 10 degrees. Approx. 12-14 glasses pr. bottle.

Shelf life after opening:
3-4 months in refrigerator

Net weight: 500 grams = 500 ml
Package size: 8 * 0.5 liters per. carton
Ean barcode: 5712504012032

Sea buckthorn:
This apple mead is brewed with wild sea buckthorn, harvested on natural areas around Roskilde, and an extract of bitter green walnuts from Snoremark. Sea buckthorn is widespread in most of the northern hemisphere from Canada to China. In Denmark, the plant has grown since the ice age and, like walnut, has been part of the diet all the way back to the first collecting societies. The small orange-yellow berry is stuffed with vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants and is referred to as superfood. A sea buckthorn berry contains as much vitamin C as a whole orange. In China, sea buckthorn has been used against stomach ulcers, heart problems and high blood pressure and it is also widely used in the cosmetics industry. Sea buckthorn leaves have been favored as feed for purebred horses because their particularly high protein content should provide shiny man. The Latin name for sea buckthorn Hippophaë also means shiny horse. According to Greek mythology, Zeus fed his winged horse Pegasus with sea buckthorn leaves to make it fly. And maybe there's something about it, because it can almost feel as if you're relieved when you enjoy a glass of Snoremark's apple mead with sea buckthorn and walnut.

The Apple:
Topaz, which is used in brewing, was developed in 1984 in the Czech Republic. We managed to breed a robust tree that sets well without the use of pesticides and fertilizers, and is therefore well suited for organic cultivation. The sour aromatic apples ripen late and gain juice and vigor from both late summer and autumn.

The apple trees on Snoremark are completely dependent on the bees 'pollination to be able to bear fruit, and we are of course dependent on the bees' honey for our mead.

Serving tips:
The individual vintages of sea buckthorn vary greatly in relation to the balance between sweetness-acid bitterness. Vintage 2014, with the clear imprint of the sour berry from the sea buckthorn, is a good choice for the heavy desserts like a chocolate mousse or for a cup of coffee and a piece of dark chocolate. On the cheese board, it is particularly suitable for the slightly dry goat and sheep cheeses. If one is going to have a bold appetizer like a lobster bisque, sea buckthorn is also a fine match. Or mix a Mead & Stormy after the meal:

Mead & Stormy
4 cl Snoremark sea buckthorn mead
2 cl dark room
fill up with ginger beer and ice cubes
Possibly. a slice of lime
In this delicious drink we have mixed the good Cuban dark rum Jom and Lola from Egoista with Snoremark Havtorn, which adds a fresh naughty acidity to the good rum and ginger beer. Dose with a spoonful of ice cubes in a 4 dl large glass, throw in a slice of lime, then there is doomed coziness.

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