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Glavendrup Mead, 14.9%

The Glavendrup mead is brewed with the annual Viking market at Glavendrupstenen in mind. It is a semi-dry, flavorful, powerful mead as we imagine the Vikings would like it.

This mead is brewed on good Funen summer honey, herbs and dried fruit. The aroma and the first taste impression are full of herbs, especially the stinging nettle gives a good sour balance to the sweet honey. In the aftertaste, the mead is rounded off with notes of dried fruit and nuts.

The mead is bottled in a delicious authentic ceramic bottle sealed with beeswax. In addition to looking good, this protects the mead from sunlight, bacteria and oxygenation.

Our mead is over a year on the way before it is bottled. After fermentation, the mead is stored in a dish where the taste develops and becomes more round and full-bodied.

The raw materials for this product are Funen honey from one of our two selected beekeepers and Danish organic herbs have been used as far as possible.

This mead is particularly suitable to enjoy in good company around the fire, but is also delicious to serve with barbecue, roasts, tasty dishes with pork and cheese. This mead should be served at room temperature and not below 15 degrees, as otherwise it loses too many flavor nuances.

Une Mjød's brewmaster wishes you good fun with this historically inspired, hand-brewed enjoyment.


* In the small brewery Une Mjød on Nordfyn, we brew the mead ourselves in the old-fashioned way, from scratch and without the use of chemistry in the mead, pressure filters or other shortcuts.

Une mjøds principle is naturalness, time and good ingredients.

By opting out of the filtration and clarification with chemistry, our mead does not always appear completely clear like other commercially produced mead. In return, the healthy contribution of honey and the full taste of mead are preserved.

We also do not add alcohol to the mead. The alcohol percentage in Une Mjød arises naturally from the conversion of the honey's sugar into alcohol. Therefore, we take good time for the fermentation process, which typically takes between 2-3 months before it is finished.

At Une Mjød, we are responsible for the entire process, from the selection of honey, berries and herbs, over fermentation and storage to bottling and sealing of the mead we have cherished in the best possible way. That is why we are 100% within our product.

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