Une Mead - Fyn honey

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Une Mead, 14,5% - 0,7L

This is our pure mead. It is a classic mead hand-brewed on carefully selected ingredients, which together create a fantastic taste experience.

In this Une Mead, a mixture of light summer honey and strong late summer honey picked from Fyn beekeepers has been used. The good types of honey give a sweet mead with light floral notes and a slightly smoky aftertaste of caramel and roasted nuts.

The mead is bottled in a delicious authentic ceramic bottle sealed with beeswax. In addition to looking good, this protects the mead from sunlight, bacteria and oxygenation.

Our mead is over a year on the way before it is bottled. After fermentation, the mead is stored in a dish where the taste develops and becomes more round and full-bodied.

The raw materials for our product are Fyn honey from our two selected beekeepers and Danish organic herbs are used as far as possible.

Fyn honey is one of the best in the world. A West Fyn beekeeper won the world championship in 2017, and part of the honey used in this mead comes from the same area where the winning honey is collected.

This classic mead is served at room temperature for barbecue, roasts, dishes with pork, cheese and smoked fish. This mead should be served at room temperature and not below 15 degrees, as otherwise it loses too many flavor nuances.

Une Mead's brewmaster wishes you good fun with this hand-brewed treat.

Weight: 3,4 kg

Det her er helt klart den bedste mjød, man overhovedet kan få.


Super lækker mjød, Une mjød er helt klart mit foretrukne mærke!


Une Mjød er helt og absolut den bedste mjød jeg nogensinde har smagt. Jeg anbefaler den på det varmeste!

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