Strawberry Mead

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Summer in a bottle...


Mjødladen´s Strawberry mead stems from a customer's idea that "honey & strawberries are equal to summer, and should be put in a bottle". So we did. Strawberry mead smells of strawberries, has the sweetness of honey & is nice light and red-transparent in color.

When the mead hits the tongue, it is first and foremost the early summer honey that emerges. However, the aroma of the strawberries follows quickly - and at the back of the tongue you subtly feel the strawberries take over the party. We recommend that you enjoy the Strawberry mead cold.
Strawberries are one of the fruits that are rich in tannin. It is tannin that gives a feeling of dryness in the mouth - and which can give a slightly bitter aftertaste. It happens because a reaction occurs between the tannin and the proteins that are naturally found in our saliva. It is the same reaction that occurs when drinking tea, red wine, etc .. In the same way one would you pair red wine rich in tannin with red meat, you can also pair the strawberry mead with foods that contain proteins for the tannin to bind to. Try an ice cold glass of Strawberry Mead accompanied by a plate of snacks consisting of almonds, peanuts, broccoli and possibly. falafel - it lifts the taste experience.

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