Orange Blossom Mead

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Model: 036

Star of the mead: Orange blossom honey 


Honey made from orange blossom is at the mild end of the taste spectrum - but what it lacks in taste notes, it compensates for in aroma. The scent of the orange´s oils unfolding is heavenly! That experience transfers beautifully into the mead during brewing. As an extra bonus the brewing process also concentrates the taste of the honey.

Orange Mead is slightly dry and perfumed; thus, the orange is at the center of the taste experience.

Because the Orange Mead is so aromatic and light, it very suitable as a welcome drink - ex. mixed up with a little bubbles and sliced oranges. The heavenly fragrance spreads among all the guests while they drink this gem of a mead.

Weight: 1,5 kg

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