Mead from Rape seed flower

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55 g/l residual sugar content


Sweet Mead is made from rapeseed honey. The taste is nicely mild; the rapeseed origin cannot be overlooked: Slightly bitter notes and undertones of flowers and raisins.
The scent of the mead tells tales of its origin, it is like standing in a flowering rapeseed field on a warm sunny day, with almost no wind.

Sweet Mead is excellent with dark chocolate, and really good with tapas with dried hams, Italian sausages, hard, mild cheeses and marinated mozzarellas, and last but as not least the accessories in the form of olives and dried tomatoes.

Mjødladens´ Fruit Mead is squeaky sweet - but in fact it is Sweet Meadjøden, with a residual sugar content of 55g / l, is our sweetest. That makes it excellent for marinades and mixing 1/4 Mead with 3/4 good, dark monastery beer.


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