Forest berries Mead

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The forest dictates the taste


When it is time for deliciousness and cozieness, we dish up a bottle of Skovbærmjød. It is brewed with early summer honey and a selection of the forest's different berries. Forestberry mead is the only one of Mjødladen's mead we allow to change both taste and tones from brew to brew. For the berries of the forest are not a homogeneous unit - a fact we have chosen to celebrate rather than suppress.

The recipe reads:

Fresh spring honey

- but it is nature that determines sweetness, tannin, acidity and everything else that gives the Forestberry mead its taste. Eg. brew bottled summer / autumn 2019 is dominated by strawberries and raspberries - and as such perfect for drinks. We recommend brewed bottled winter 2019/2020 for strong meat dishes - because it has a strong taste of cherries and marzipan notes from blackberries. In the 2021 edition, it is again the strawberries that take the lead - and that´s the cue for us to recommend it to be served cold, eg. mixed up with a little bubbles, and to be served with a bowl of almonds or peanuts.

Mead cocktails:

The forest's welcome drink

- By Asger
5 cl Forestberry mead
5 cl Asti
Ice or frozen berries.
Experience shows that Skovbærmjød - regardless of bottling year - is just good with Asti. It is as simple as that. Of course, it also changes tones from year to year, but so far it has been exclusively positive experiences ...



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