Normanner Mead - Apple Mead

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Fresh and sour notes...


There is a reason for Mjødladens Normanner Mead popularity among our customers: It is a good mead!
Freshly squeezed apple juice is passed through the same brewing process as Mjødladen's mead - up to about 6% alc.vol, resulting in a sour wine with sweet notes, which we then mix with freshly brewed Lager Mead of approx. 6% alc.vol. The mixed brew then ferment on to 10% alc.vol. Result: One of our most popular mead varieties.

Normanner Mead is in fact a bjórr. At least 51% of the initial sugar content must come from honey if the product is to be classified as mead; in Normanner Mead, the figure is almost 50%. Bjórr is a blend of mead and fruit wines.

Normanner Mead has a fresh and sour taste of the apple combined with the sweetness of the honey - a perfect choice for an ice-cold summer drink. The mead is also very suitable as a meat glaze - and the taste of honey and apple can also be felt after a trip on the grill!
Last but not least, Norman Mead is perfect as an ingredient in drinks and cocktails - see examples below...

Mead Cocktails:

Vinland Old Fashioned

- By Jacob Elbæk
6 cl Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey
6-8 cl Mjødladen Normanner Mead (depending on how prominent you want the whiskey to be)
2 dash Peychaud's Bitters
(If you want the cocktail sweeter, up to 2.5 cl sugar syrup can be added)

Whiskey, mead and Pechaud's Bitters (and possibly sugar syrup) are shaken with ice and strained in a cooled coupe glass or a champagne flute. Decorate if necessary. with a few dessert cherries on a toothpick or a slice of dried apple.

A velvety aromatic whiskey cocktail with crispy apple notes. If you want it as a more traditional old fashioned, it can be mixed over ice in an old fashioned or double rocks glass, but personally I think the interplay between whiskey and mead works best if it is shaken.

Suitable for good times, in quiet contemplation or confidential conversation, in front of the fireplace in a soft armchair.



Viking Stone Fence

- By Jacob Elbæk

6 cl rye whiskey (in this case Old Overholt Rye, feel free to choose a rye at the slightly sweeter end. A Canadian whiskey should also be ok)
12 cl Mjødladen Normanner Mjød (you can settle for 10 cl - thereby adding more Danish water - if you want a slightly lighter, both in terms of alcohol and intensity, cocktail)
1 dash Angostura Bitters (not a must, but it rounds off the cocktail in a fabulous way)
Neutral Sparkling water

Mix rye whiskey, mead and Angustura Bitters in a highball or collins glass with ice, stirring until the glass begins to feel cold. Top off with Danish water.

What do you get compared to a traditional stone fence with cider? A sharper apple flavor as well as the mead's honey base and slightly vinous tones. Where a traditional stone fence, by many is described as "the taste of autumn", a viking stone fence tastes by comparison like the last warm days of late summer.

Suitable for food (primarily barbecue) and as an aperitif / welcome drink, Can easily be scaled up to jug size, as long as you add enough ice so that the ice does not melt too quickly and dilute the cocktail.
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