Linden wood Mead

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With a note of elderflower

Linden wood mead with 11 % alkohol

Linden wood Mead is honey made from nectar and honeydew from linden trees. Mjoedladens Linde tree Mead is a sweet and sour mead with notes of elderflower in the taste. Linden tree Mead is a lovely light mead, which is perfect for the warm early summer evenings in the period from the linden tree springs out in early May and until it blooms in early June.

The bees go wild
Honeydew is the sugary excrement from aphids. It attracts bees and other insects. The bees make the honeydew into honey, which we then make into a delicious, sweet-sour mead.
As a thank you, and in order to preserve the source of the honey dew, the bees defend the aphids against predators.

The linden tree in history
The linden tree is also Freja's tree, or the tree of love. The linden tree has got its mythological role due to the heart-shaped leaves and crown. But linden trees were also the home of the lindormens - a dragon-like monster in 'Nodic mythology. The snake was held down by the roots of the tree, but if there was a hole in the tree, it could escape.

Historically, linden trees were also thought to be the lightning rods. Therefore, you will find ancient linden trees around the Danish marketplaces, manors and churches.

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udsøgt smag og fantastisk entreprenørskab. beløn Jer selv med denne mirakeldrik

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