Sweet Woodruff Mead

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Deciduous forest in a bottle...


Sweet Woodruff (Asperula odorata) is natures marcipan-herb! Take a walk in a muddy deciduous forest in April / May - in the forest floor you will find the 15-20 cm high herb with the characteristic white flowers.

Chewing a Sweet Woodruff tastes like marzipan. And it is that experience we have transferred to Mjødladens Skovriddermjød (Sweet Woodruff mead). The result is a spicy mead brewed on Danish spring honey and: Sweet Woodruff. 

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Our Sweet Woodruff mead is - literally - our most green mead. It is solely the Sweet Woodruff that gives the characteristic color; the mead consists exclusively of spring honey, water, yeast and Sweet Woodruff. Mix it half-and-half with Sprite and you have a summer drink that tastes unmistakably like a Champagnebrus - a Danish popsicle dating back to the 1950´s.

Mead Cocktails:

Ud i det grønne

- By Jakob Elbæk

6 cl Mjødladen´s Sweet Woodruff Mead
6 cl French dry vermouth (play it safe - use Dolin)
2 dash absint
Mix mead, vermouth & absint over ice in an old fashioned- or double rocks glass. Stir until the glass feels cold. Decorate with fresh lemon balm.
A complex, sweet & herbal cocktail that brings to mind Middle Eastern pastries. Sweet Woodruff, anise and wormwood, with a honey and marzipan-like base note, set one aside for a warm spring day in a Funen beech forest.
Perfect for the typical Danish marcipan cake on New Year's Eve or with a healthy-sized bowl of Christmas candy.




Den Sorte Ridder

- By Siri Jensen

4 cl rye whiskey (in this case Old Overholt Rye, feel free to choose a rye at the slightly sweeter. A Canadian whiskey should also be able to be used)

2 cl Dark Mead

1 cl Forest knight mead

8 cl Cola

Build up over in lowball glass.


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