Sweet Woodruff Mead

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Deciduous forest in a bottle...


Sweet Woodruff (Asperula odorata) is natures marcipan-herb! Take a walk in a muddy deciduous forest in April / May - in the forest floor you will find the 15-20 cm high herb with the characteristic white flowers.

Chewing a Sweet Woodruff tastes like marzipan. And it is that experience we have transferred to Mjødladens Skovriddermjød (Sweet Woodruff mead). The result is a spicy mead brewed on Danish spring honey and: Sweet Woodruff. 

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Our Sweet Woodruff mead is - literally - our most green mead. It is solely the Sweet Woodruff that gives the characteristic color; the mead consists exclusively of spring honey, water, yeast and Sweet Woodruff. Mix it half-and-half with Sprite and you have a summer drink that tastes unmistakably like a Champagnebrus - a Danish popsicle dating back to the 1950´s.

Mead Cocktails:

Ud i det grønne

- By Jakob Elbæk

6 cl Mjødladen´s Sweet Woodruff Mead
6 cl French dry vermouth (play it safe - use Dolin)
2 dash absint
Mix mead, vermouth & absint over ice in an old fashioned- or double rocks glass. Stir until the glass feels cold. Decorate with fresh lemon balm.
A complex, sweet & herbal cocktail that brings to mind Middle Eastern pastries. Sweet Woodruff, anise and wormwood, with a honey and marzipan-like base note, set one aside for a warm spring day in a Funen beech forest.
Perfect for the typical Danish marcipan cake on New Year's Eve or with a healthy-sized bowl of Christmas candy.




Den Sorte Ridder

- By Siri Jensen

4 cl rye whiskey (in this case Old Overholt Rye, feel free to choose a rye at the slightly sweeter. A Canadian whiskey should also be able to be used)

2 cl Dark Mead

1 cl Forest knight mead

8 cl Cola

Build up over in lowball glass.


Weight: 1,5 kg

Fantastisk drik som vi har serveret for vores familie og venner i sommervarmen 3cl af gudedrikken fyldt op med Steven up og isterninger, fantastisk


Den smager så godt, og den ligger og slås med kirsebærmjøden om hvem der er bedst.


Dejlig sød mjød netop med noter af marcipan. Smager fantastisk sammen med Sprite (champagnebrus) ????

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