Loki's Mead - Blueberry mead

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Mjødladen´s Blueberry mead


Lokes Mead is a blueberry mead and the only one in our range that has not been named after the main ingredient. But there are thoughts behind the madness ...

Blueberry mead changes color from brew to brew. This is an indicator of how much sunlight the blueberries have been exposed to. Hence "the mead changes him". Usually the taste of berries or fruit in our mead varieties is in the foreground; in the Blueberry Mead, the taste creeps in from the throat and up the back edge of the tongue, while at the same time you get a "port wine feeling" at the front of the tongue.
Something that changes him, comes creeping in from behind and has a duality in taste could not be called blueberry mead. We had to baptize it: Loke's Mead!

Mead cocktails:


- By Siri Jensen

4 cl Spice rum
4 cl Loke´s Mead
2 cl Cranberry juice


Shake with ice and serve in a lowball glass. For a sweeter version: Top with 6 cl Sprite.
Weight: 1,5 kg

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