Chili Mead

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A Spicy Surprice


Chili mead is particularly suitable as a shot that is slowly consumed with great pleasure. The taste starts off on a sweet note - and finishes as a pleasant, warm, strong touch on the tongue. Chili Mead is also suitable as a marinade and a cup of hot cocoa only gets better with a splash of Chili Mead infushed

How we make Chili Mead
First we brew a sweet, sweet base mead. When we are satisfied with the level of sweetness, we create a chili essence; the course of action is to select different types of chilies, cut them into strips and put them in a brandy broth to pull. That way we get all the good flavors pulled out but get rid of the rancid, bitter notes that tend to come into play when mixing chili with mead.
Essence and mead then meet in carefully planned conditions. The sweet mead puts a damper on the chili strength - and vice versa. But there is no doubt that it is mead you are drinking, and there is no doubt that the sweet, golden drops also contain chili.

The Chili Mead is absolutely worthy of drinking as it is, at room temperature and in a port wine glass - but it can also be included as an ingredient in cocktails, drinks etc.

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Chille Claus sparkede mig i løgene og det var fedt!

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