Lemon Mead

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Enjoy a Mead on the Rocks


Yes - it's very yellow, our Lemon Mead. But there are neither artificial dyes nor preservatives involved in the creation of our sour bliss. Lemon Mead gets its taste from the aromatic oils of fresh lemon peel and the pulp juice - when drinking the Lemon Mead it hits many senses at once: you are enveloped in aroma, and for some it can seem a bit  overwhelming. But the Lemon Mead should be enjoyed ice cold, preferably on the Rocks; in this way there is a balance between scents and notes, and the enjoyment is optimal.

We know from customers that our Lemon Mead lifts a fish dish to another level - both as ice-cold "scnapps" at the table, but also added to the dish itself.

Mead cocktails:


- By Siri Jensen

1 dl Bubbels. A dry champagne or Prosecco is preferable.
25 cl Lemon mead
Crushed ice
A squeeze of lemon - and lemon cut into boats.
On a very hot day it may be suitable (wise?) to dilute the drink with 25 cl of sparkling water can ...
The Meadzer is to be build in a large wine glass. Start with ice and Lemon Mead - finish with bubbles.




- By Siri Jensen

1/2 cup Mjødladens Citronmjød
1/2 cup Pineapple Juice
1/4 cup frozen pineapple in pieces
1 dl icecubes
Unsprayed, fresh lemon

Put all the ingredients - minus salt and fresh lemon - in a blender and blend until the ice cubes are crushed. Cut a few boats of the lemon. Wet glass edge with one lemon boat. Pour salt into a small plate and dip the glass edge in the salt. Pour the dazzling glory into the glass, garnish with lemon boat number two - and sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.
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