Linden Tree Mead

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With notes of Elderflower


Our Linden Tree Mead is based on honey made on nectar and honeydew from linden trees. Mjødladen´s Linden Tree Mead balances between sweet and sour and also has taste notes of elderflower. The mead is a lovely light mead, which makes it perfect for the warm early summer evenings in the period from the linden tree springs out in early May and until it blooms in early June.

The bies go mad...
Honeydew is the sugary excrement from aphids. It attracts bees and other insects. The bees make the honeydew into honey, which we then make into the delicious, sweet-sour mead.
As a thank you, and in order to preserve the source of the honeydew, the bees defend the aphids against predators.

The Linden Tree in history.

The linden tree is also known as Freja's tree, or the tree of love. The linden tree has gotten its mythological role due to the heart-shaped leaves and crown. But linden trees were also the home of the Lindwyrm  - a wingless bipedal dragon in Norse mythology. The wyrm was believed to be held down by the roots of the tree, and if there was a hole in the tree, it could escape.

Historically, linden trees were also thought to be natures own lightning rods. Therefore, you will likely find ancient linden trees around the Danish marketplaces, manors and churches.

Read more about linden trees here (in Danish):


A good G&T becomes a great G&T when at drop or to of Linden Tree Mead are added!
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