Chestnut Mead

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Italian chestnut honey mead


Chestnut mead can best be described as a chestnut liqueur. The main ingredient is Italian chestnut honey from an Italian edible chestnut plantation, where the bees create this wonderful gourmet honey when the plantation's trees need to be pollinated - which we then use it in our most strongly-flavored mead to date.

The color is nice, dark. The taste starts with a slightly floral and sweet taste from the honey - in the aftertaste, smoke, nuts and bitter tones are dominant.
The chestnut honey is completely black when it enters the brewery. The taste is strong; usually 1 tsp. honey is used to give flavor, here it takes less than a pinch to do the job.
Chestnut Mead is to be served refrigerated for e.g. a tapas table where it goes perfectly with parmesan cheese, air-dried ham and smoked sausages.


Mead cocktail:

Kastanjemand (Chestnut man - se example here)

- By Siri Jensen

4 cl Spice rom
2 cl Chestnut Mead
Build over ice in a cocktail glass. Start with the rum and the mead - then top up with Sprite.



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Had a taste of this, as my first Mead experience ever, at a friends party a days ago. And can honestly say it's beyond delicious. Going to order more bottles for myself, that's for certain! Maybe even bring some back to the family in the US, if possible. 10/10 absolutely recommended!

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