Dark Mead

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If Vikings made Port Wine...


Dark Mead is Mjødladen´s alternative to a Port wine or Sherry. The main ingredient is rich forest honey.

Dark Mead was the mead of the Vikings

Dark Mead is the one of our mead that comes closest to the original Viking mead. The most available honey in the Viking Age would have been forest honey (2/3 of Denmark was covered by forest in the Viking Age). It is known that the Vikings melted honey and wax apart at 43 degrees Celsius. The heating process enhances the sweetness of the honey and gives the mead a characteristic, golden amber color and a caramelised aftertaste.

So, naturally, when we make Dark Mead in Mjødladen, we also heat-treat the forest honey up to 43 ° C before the brew starts - to ensure the caramelised aftertaste and the beautiful, golden color.

Dark Mead is to be served at room temperature - and if the sweet shades are to your liking, try making a half and half, half lager and half mead

Mead coktail with Mørk Mjød


The Black Knight

- By Siri Jensen

4 cl Rye Whiskey ( in this case Old Overholt Rye - but otherwise: Choose a Rye on the sweet end. A Canadian whiskey should also be ok)
2 cl Dark Mead
8 cl Cola

Build over ice in a lowball glass.
Weight: 1,5 kg

Elsker denne Mjød! Den er åndsvagt god, og så lige lidt Amon Amarth musik på ved siden af. Så er alting godt her i verden!

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